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"Eila's drawing of my beautiful labrador Teddy lights up the house when you walk in. For my parents, it's the centrepiece of their living room and sits proudly above the fireplace. What I love about the drawing most is how it perfectly illustrates his big head, dopey ears, and proud paws: All classic traits of a pure labrador. When I asked Eila to draw Teddy, I had no idea she'd do such an outstanding job. It really is a work of art and that's why it takes centre stage in our house and prompts ample compliments from friends and family when they visit. 10 out of 10 is not enough. It's a 12 out of 10! Thanks so much Eila."


"Eila is an exceptional artist, her attention to detail is second to none. 

She captured my parents border terrier ‘Mungo’ so well from a photo having not met him which is an art and they love it! 

I also commissioned her to do a friends dog  ‘Gretel’ for her 40th and my friend was so happy with it she burst into tears! She then asked Eila to draw her children and again from a photo and she captured their facial expressions brilliantly. 

Very happy to recommend Eila to anyone in the future."



Eila is a very talented artist who captured our dog Archie to perfection. Very sadly,  he died quite suddenly after we received this picture, so it is even more special. His character comes through in the picture very clearly. Being a black Labrador, the light and shade of his coat is done beautifully. He now hangs in our hallway, by the front door as a reminder of the walks we did with him. We as a family all love it. I can highly recommend Eila’s work. 

- Gail -

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